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Strato produces films, commercials, docs and tv formats. Strato means "layers" and we always try to deliver to our Clients a Visual Tale composed by different layers. We like the idea that viewers, according to their inclination, can watch the superficial layer or the inner one. Strato also believes in People, that is the reason why we are not a company made of Capital but a Group of  Professionals people that decided to work in film business following passion and curiosity . We always try to show it off with delicacy and respect.



 World Wood Foundation/Lindt/Pasta Garofalo/Ricrea/Plurimus/Rio Mare/San Pellegrino/Trollbeads/Subito/BMW/Il Circolo/Star Pictures



How we work

First step is to receive a Brief or an invitation to partecipate in an open call. We offer to our Clients ideas and storyboards for any film proposal such as viral, advertising, corporate videos, tv shows and documentaries. Once our ideas are chosen by the Company, we take care of the entire production process, delivering a media tight within the client budget. Our passion lead us to keep focusing on the use of the latest digital equipments and techniques. We do love Viral as visual expression, a right compromise between creativity and affordability. Strato is nevertheless experienced in a wide variety of productions and live events.  



Understand Client brief and budget


Translate it in film ideas supported by visual presentation


Modify the chosen idea according to Clients request


Deliver the right media content



“Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out.”

martin | scorsese



Strato main core is settle in northern Italy, Bologna. After more than 20 years of field experience, we can count on filmmaker support from all around Italy and abroad. Some of us met up in film schools, some other just around the City Corner, some other on a set in New York.  We end up establishing professional connections that brought us to face challenges with open mind and great resources. Our first solo experience was mainly for National Tv Channels, experiencing prime time and musical experimentation. Our first meet up as a group was right after, grouping together for the production of filming music live events. We moved on, changing shape and form, to become what we are right now: a creative agency and a film production company. Strato is centred on Production, CopyWriting and Direction.