"Rio Mare"




Rio Mare is a Viral Spot. It was pushed by the company firstly in Italy and due to it's success was translated for Belgium and northern European martket. In a short time the commercial Hit more that a Million viewers. It is an Ironic spot that plays around a misunderstanding.







BMW campaign "what's your story?" is a storytelling. the tale is about passion and connection to the brand. giuliano & Orianna were chosen to describe passion and CHALLENGEs. the Brand was the implicit main character. editing their story we tryied to give back to the viewers the same emotions we had experienced while we were filming. 



"About Wood"

commercial tale



About Wood is a delicate Tale. Entirely shot on the Italian Appennino is a mixed of sound, warming voice and stunning visionary images. It is a world anthem to the conscious use wood as a way to preserve the Planet. It was shot to be presented in a worldwide competition to celebrate the World Wood Day as an open call launched by a crowdsourcing platform. We are so proud of it to include "about wood" in our commercial section as an EXAMPLE of our ASSIGNMENT.







BPER Bank, as a result of a merging process that made it widely accessible all around italy, choose a new way of communication, far from the institutional one adopted till now. we had a chance to work on an innovative CONCEPt for the brand that had the main goal to astonish their clients and communicating an idea of bank proximity. The viral spot was a challenging step forward for banking communication.







TROLLBEADS asked us for a viral spot. We produce a viral that counted more than a millions views in less than a week. The brief was pretty straight. A cat had to be the main CHARACTEr of the spot. A simple story and a simple ending. The storyboards we proposed were widely modified to meet the suit company needs. 







Pasta garofalo wanted a commercial tale that had to fit in a specific request "Celebrating Passion for Uniqueness". We proposed our tale. Felice tagliaferri is the only quoted blind sculptor. he represents passion and commitment. His story is pretty unique. He is fighting not only against his deficiency but also to allow blind people to touch art pieces, like sculptures, to be aware of the so called  "human heritage".







A12 is a fashion film. The client "PLURImus" is an italian fashion brand pretty active in northern europe and russian market. We received a challenging brief asking to describe a post-atomic world. We had an hard time going THROUGH a location scouting process but finally we feel we were able to pick the right choice for the right brand.







SAYERLACK, as a part of the sherwin williams group, is the leader in wood coating solutions. They brief us to produce an aesthetic corporate video able to describes the FACILITies of the company but, at the same time, emotional for the viewer.







This is the sequel of the first winning prize at the ortigia film festival in the short movie SECTIon sponsored by Ricrea. Ricrea, as a leader consortium in recycled iron process, Launched a yarly competition focused as an awareness raising project. The first short of the sequel was simply titled "acciaio". "iron" is the sequel. This is the fantastic story of "Iron", one of the strongest man in world. A young kid knock at his Garage asking for work. Iron gives him a chance and suddenly REALISES that the kid is hyding a big secret. 



"San Pellegrino"




We received a Grant to produce and partecipate in a San Pellegrino open call. This commercial is our way of interpreting the San Pellegrino brief for the new campaign of summer taste, a mix of delicious fruits. We loved the idea of making a dreamy and surreal spot able to make the viewers CURIOUS about the original plot. EVERYTHING begins with an eye contact just before SOMETHINg magic is going to happen.